The Projects (Medical Packages):

Al Bayan also provides the following support services in collaboration with its international principals and its ally companies:

  • Planning of project management implementation
  • Supply, installation, and testing of all devices
  • Commissioning, handover, and after sales services
  • Supply consumables and spare parts for all devices and equipment required for the period after supply and commissioning
  • Contract management with various related entities
  • Attend to various logistic and management details like obtaining clearances from regulatory authorities, obtaining quality certificates of products from the manufacturers and following up the implementation of environmental conditions such as for radiographic/radio-therapeutic equipment etc…
  • Conducting inspection and ensuring the international standards are met for each unit separately and for the medical unit as a whole while providing inspection certificates accordingly
  • Places the responsibility for planning, execution and management of the project with the packager

The Projects ( Complementary Solutions ):

  • Medical Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Integrated Solutions for Medical Mechanical
  • Medical Gases Supply for Hospitals
  • Medical Waste Management
  • HVAC System
  • Smoke Control System
  • Sanitary Systems
  • Electrical Systems in Hospitals
  • IT Solutions
  • Kitchen services solutions
  • Laundry Services Solutions
  • Medical Furniture